Placing Orders

There are a few ways to place orders:

  1. Through the order form on this site https://www.bastianbakedgoods.com/order/
  2. Through email orders@bastianbakedgoods.com
  3. Through a private message on our Facebook page
  4. Call me at 512-660-1504 – leave a message if I don’t answer, I work full time during the week.
  5. In person, please call to make an appointment.


  • Nancy

    Hello I understand that you have a shop in Elgin TX 78621 Where abouts Elgin TX
    I would like to know if you make Strawberry Pies with out Whip Topping on top
    I am looking for a bakery / pie shop in elgin tx that makes Strawberry pies
    Thank you

    • BastianBakedGoods


      I have a home bakery and I deliver free in the Elgin area, or I can arrange a time to pick up.

      I do make strawberry pies that are like a traditional fruit pie with a double crust. You have the option of lattice work on top, or cut outs. I could also do a single crust with nothing on top.

      None of my pies come with whipped topping or meringue, due to TX cottage law restrictions.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


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