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    Finally! I just now managed to get these pie pics uploaded to the website (after some technical difficulties). All fillings and crust are from scratch – no sugary canned fillings or frozen dough here 🙂

    All pies can be made vegan or gluten free.

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    It’s been a busy week baking and decorating over 6 dozen holiday cookies!  I will be making cookies every week this month and will keep everyone updated on the new designs as I complete them.


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    Busy as a 🐝

    Whew!  After working a full day at my normal job I managed to come home and bake cookies, brownies, and a peach pie.  I even made dinner, if you call cooking Chicken Helper making dinner.


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    Would you like a piece of pie?

    Working with gluten-free items can be a difficult task, and chosing the correct flour substitute makes all the difference.  Recently I found out that gluten-free flour blends with pea or legume flour can be quite gritty.  They tend to be cheaper, but I do not recommend using them.

    #KingArthurFlour makes a gluten-free flour blend that is a bit more pricy, but it’s texture and taste are extremely close to wheat flour.  Also makes wonderful, flaky pie dough.  #PecanPie #GlutenFree #BastianBakedGoods