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    Busy as a 🐝

    Whew!  After working a full day at my normal job I managed to come home and bake cookies, brownies, and a peach pie.  I even made dinner, if you call cooking Chicken Helper making dinner.


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    Would you like a piece of pie?

    Working with gluten-free items can be a difficult task, and chosing the correct flour substitute makes all the difference.  Recently I found out that gluten-free flour blends with pea or legume flour can be quite gritty.  They tend to be cheaper, but I do not recommend using them.

    #KingArthurFlour makes a gluten-free flour blend that is a bit more pricy, but it’s texture and taste are extremely close to wheat flour.  Also makes wonderful, flaky pie dough.  #PecanPie #GlutenFree #BastianBakedGoods


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    Menu Posted

    Menu with prices has been posted!  If you want something that is not on there, please contact me and I’ll see if I can make it for you. (i.e. pastries, kolaches, sand tarts, etc.)



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    Hello Everyone!

    I am thrilled to be starting up my small home baking business here in Elgin, TX.  I grew up in a small town in Northern Central Texas, very much like Elgin, and learned most of baking from my mom and grandmother, whom are of Czech and German decent – lots of pastries!  I baked professionally with my aunt for several years, earned my culinary arts degree from TSTC, and have since been baking randomly on the side for family and friends.

    If you need anything you do not see on the site, please reach out to me and I most likely can do it.  I also have experience in making desserts for those with food allergies and sugar sensitivities as well.

    I will always let you know if something is out of my skill set 😉

    Keep in mind that I am operating under Texas Cottage Laws, thus I cannot make anything that is time/temperature sensitive (i.e. cheesecakes, cream pies, meringue pies).  http://texascottagefoodlaw.com/

    If you have any questions or need anything, please email bastianbakedgoods@gmail.com

    -Elizabeth Bastian

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    Gallery Posted

    Happy Halloween!

    I just posted the gallery of cakes and desserts I have done recently and in years past.  I have done so much more than what is shown, but I lost most of my pictures due to a lightning strike to my computer.


    I will be posting the menu with prices sometime this week, as well as a promo for the first few customers that place an order.